Friday, 13 December 2013

Mad World Review

Mad World. When I think of Mad World, three words spring to mind faster than any others. Oh. My. Fuck. 




Mad World takes place on an island that's been taken over and turned into a giant death match arena. People fight for sponsors and then kill to rank up and be the best. The more violent the kill the more points rewarded and the more points rewarded the more there is to use and do. You are sent there as an undercover agent to find out what's going on and bring a stop to it. 

Your character, Jack, is a two dimensional badass who doesn't think twice when it comes to ultra violence. This is not a criticism. He fits the game perfectly. Using your chainsaw blade, your bare hands and any weapons you find/unlock during the missions, you have to fight through times stages scoring points. A great point scorer is trapping a man inside a tyre, ramming a sign post through his face and then pinning him on a spiked wall/train/bus. Points unlock weapons like daggers or spiked bats, environmental hazards like spiked trains, bloodbath challenges (mini games) like hurling men under a crusher and then eventually the stages boss fight. The boss fights rank you up and allow you to progress to a new area. The gameplay is fast and frantic, and has a nice sense of variety thanks to some vehicle based stages. The controls mimic the real life movements Jack would make and the level design is superb, with a lot to explore and a good sense of verticality. 

Graphically is where this game stands out the most though. It takes the black and white comic book style of Sin City, with the only colour being the blood, and creates one of the most visually striking and unique games I have ever seen. The game looks oddly stunning and the style and tone the colour palette, or rather the lack of one, creates is simply superb. Add to this a great soundtrack of rap, and the over the top commentators, and you have a game that drips with style and is not afraid of being unlike anything you have ever played before. 

There is very little wrong with this game, occasionally the commentators will repeat phrases a little too often and if you don't want to speed run stages or increase your score then the game is short but by and large the game is amazing, and it doesn't have any big flaws, just a few nitpicks. 

Mad World is one of the best games I have ever played and the only game Platinum have made that is better, is Bayonetta. 

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