Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Top 10 Games of All Time

1: Metal Gear Solid 2

Raiden may be about as likeable as testicular cancer but the story between Snake and Liquid is at it's best here. Throw in the great fights and superb music, as well as the great graphics and level design and this choice is a no broader. It's the greatest series of all time at its absolute best. 

2: Resident Evil 4

The greatest mix of action and horror results in the finest slice of survival horror ever created. The series may have struggled since but this one game solidifies the series' legacy.  

3: Skyrim

The story was incredibly generic but the vastness of the world and the sense of freedom it gave you make this one of the greatest games ever made. I've spent a frightening amount of time simply roaming the lands of Skyrim, listening to the amazing soundtrack and admiring the stunning graphics. This is western role playing at its best.

4: Metal Gear Solid

The game that I've completed more than any other, it may be showing its age a bit now but the story here is superb. There is no greater video game rivalry than that of Solid and Liquid Snake and this is where it started. 

5: Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption tells one of the greatest stories in video gaming. It's paced and written with a level of confidence and skill Rockstar has not demonstrated since and this amazing story is met with great gameplay and a truly fantastic western setting. 

6: Hitman: Blood Money

The Hitman series is superb and each game is incredible but Blood Money offered the best experience in terms of the assassinations themselves and so has to be the best one. The sheer variety and inventiveness in terms of how to kill your target and how to get there is simply mind boggling. 

7: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

The reason this is my favourite Zelda game is because of the characters, the relationship between Link Ilia, as well as the one that the player forms with Midna, is a truly remarkable achievement, especially when you consider that the emotion is conveyed without voices. Add to this a stunning world and a truly menacing protagonist and you have a great action adventure game and the pinnacle of the genre's finest series.

8: Fallout: New Vegas

When I first played Fallout 3 my mind was blown, but when I played New Vegas I realised all of the faults of 3. With a better story, better graphics, a more interesting world and refined gameplay, new Vegas trumps Fallout 3 on every level and will surely be remembered as one of the greatest RPGs of all time.

9: Batman: Arkham City

Aside from having one of the best boss fights of all time (Freeze vs. Batman) this game tells an amazing story featuring an incredible cast and simply makes you feel like Batman. Add to this the fact that the world of Arkham City is one of the most detailed and excellently designed in all of gaming history and you're left with an absolute must play game. 

10: Pokemon Yellow

Although I believe X and Y to be better games this still remains my favourite from the series. The sense of wonder this game gave me as a child was incredible and the fact you can have all three starters is fantastic. The game gives freedom, challenge and a great sense of adventure. It isn't flawless but it is amazing. 


  1. Replies
    1. Not for me no. It was great but the mandatory install is inexcusable and it still has too many issues with pacing, as do all GTA games in my opinion. Probably top 20 though

  2. Nooooooo!!! Skyrim was soooo horrible! As a fan of RPG's the entire TES series and at-least-mildly-challenging-gameplay Skyrim bored me out of my mind and made me sad! D:

    Also I think resident evil 2 was the best :3

    1. To each his own I guess, I just think Skyrim is a fantastic open world RPG and I think Resi 4 is miles ahead of the rest