Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Resogun PS4 Review

I don't normally play games like Resogun. Twin stick, arcade style shoot 'em ups have never really been my thing but the sheer amount of good things I heard about it made me take the plunge. That and it was free on PS Plus.


Anywho, Resogun has you pilot a ship vertically and horizontally around a cylindrical axis as you attempt to save humans from their cities whilst endless waves of enemies attack. It's a simple premise but the prospect of topping your score is endlessly addicting, and this addiction is only worsened when you attempt to outdo other players.

You go round and round blasting enemies of all shapes and sizes, acquiring stronger weapons and occasionally dropping a bomb which wipes out all of the enemies on screen. The goal is to take out the enemies and carry humans to the extraction point to score points. The enemies are varied and they present a real challenge, especially as the game is lightning fast and they attack in vast hordes. 

You can either tackle levels in an arcade mode or in a single stage mode and if you fancy it you can work co-operatively with online multiplayer, which only adds to the chaos and enjoyment. 

The soundtrack to Resogun, for me, is a serious competitor with the gameplay for the main reason to buy this game. The music here is fantastic and adds to the atmosphere and style of the game in a way that few soundtracks do. It mixes so many sounds together that it's often hard to keep track of what's going on but that just fits with the chaos on screen perfectly. And the graphics! Holy cow balls the graphics! The particle effects on display here really show what the PS4 can do. There will often be countless things on screen with thousands of tiny particles erupting from explosions and the framerate never stutters and the game never looks anything less than phenomenal. 

Resogun is an incredibly addictive, ludicrously chaotic and endlessly enjoyable shooter which I cannot recommend enough. It may only be a small, downloadable title but it's easily one of the best games for the PS4.

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