Thursday, 2 January 2014

Super Mario 3D World Review

Although the Wii U has a tonne of great games, people still say it's yet to find its killer app, the one game that makes it a must buy. Well Super Mario 3D World is hands down the greatest platformer ever made and if that's not good enough for you then why are you even reading a gaming blog?

By combining the best elements of 2D and 3D Mario, adding multiple playable characters - each with a unique style - and throwing new power ups and a sense of confidence and creativity in the game's level designs that is simply awe inspiring, Nintendo have created a virtually flawless experience. 

For the first time in decades you don't have to play as Mario at first, you can choose from Mario, Luigi, Toad or Peach and each one plays differently with different jump distances or speeds. The game features a new kingdom, the Sprixie kingdom, where Bowser has kidnapped fairies and imprisoned them in his castles throughout the world. As usual the world is divided by themes but these are only rigidly stuck to in the overworld, which is fully exploitable by the way. The levels contained within the overworked are varied and vast, some adhere to the overworld theme, others are more experimental, with my favourite being one done entirely in shadows and silhouettes. 

As always the worlds are packed full of secrets and shortcuts but it's the quality of the design and the sheer amount of variety that makes them so special. The new power ups only add to this. There's the cat suit which allows you to scale walls, the double cherry which clones you, the cannon block which fires cannon balls, a Goomba suit and of course the usual power ups. All of the new ones are fun and really alter the gameplay experience and it's nice that all of them are great and that there is a good amount rather than just one or two. 

Although it's a huge shame the multiplayer is offline only it is a lot of fun. Of course it's designed to be co-operative but with each player being scored things can often get dirty and this really adds to its appeal. The whole game is enjoyable in single player but the chaos of the multiplayer is something really special. Although there is no straight up multilayer there is miiverse integration and it's great to mingle on the overworld and see what other people have to say. It's no substitute for online play but it's a nice touch nonetheless. 

Graphically speaking this is yet more proof that the Wii U is a force to be reckoned with, the bold and vibrant environments and characters look simply stunning and this is easily the best looking game Nintendo have made. All this is complimented by a fantastic Big Band/Jazz themed soundtrack which features some amazing new songs and some great fresh takes on old classics. 

If it weren't for the exclusion of online multiplayer then 3D World would be a flawless game. As it is it's the best game on Wii U and the best game to come out in 2013.  

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