Monday, 3 February 2014

Blacklight: Retribution PS4 Beta Impressions

Blacklight: Retribution was a pretty big hit on PC and I got very excited when I heard Sony was bringing the free to play FPS over to the PS4. It's currently in Beta at the moment and I thought I'd just share some early impressions of my beta experience with you. 

The game follows the typical FPS multiplayer formula with the usual suite of game modes. Indeed on the surface it's incredibly generic but the feel of the game as you play it is incredible. The maps all feel huge, whether they actually are or not. They are intelligently designed and the game's pacing, the sheer speed and thrill of it, is very addictive. You run, you gun, you can die in an instant. You can even unlock mech suits and really do some damage. The game is fast, so fast team tactics don't really matter and honestly in this case that is a really good thing. The guns and characters feel great and the whole thing looks great, though not much better than anything you'll have seen on the PS3. But hey, it's free! 

Now don't think because it's free to play there'll be lots of in game things you need to purchase. I haven't felt tempted to buy anything yet because if you play it enough you can unlock things anyway. Really it's only if you're impatient that you'll want to buy things with real money and the edge they provide really isn't worth it, it's pretty much non-existent. In my very first round I dominated things and I just had the stock weapons and the stock attachments. 

If Blacklight: Retribution were to leave its Beta now then I would be a very happy man. It's a fantastic first person shooter, I actually enjoy it more than Killzone! (I love Killzone) and it's great to play if you're waiting for Battlefield 4 to get fixed. If you haven't downloaded it then I really think you should. 

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