Monday, 17 February 2014

Call of Duty: Ghosts PS4 Review

Call of Duty is often accused of not changing enough, since Modern Warfare it's formula has been largely the same and some people are tired of it. The thing is it's not a normal game, it's a blockbuster movie, a chain restaurant, it's something you go to because you know what to expect and you know you like what you're expecting. It's a not a series of games you buy for innovation, it's a series of games you buy for fun and for the tweaks they make. It's a sports game in a shooters clothing. 

And there is nothing wrong with that.

Ghosts takes place in the not too distant future where the countries of South America have formed The Federation and are waging war on North America. You and the titular Ghosts are sent out to do your best to stop them sweeping through America and wiping you out. The plot thickens quickly and the story goes far deeper than this and is obviously an attempt to be more emotionally deep than the Modern Warfare games were. It's nothing amazing but it is coherent (which the Modern Warfare games were not) and is entertaining in an action film kind of way. The characters are all stereotypical and Riley, the dog, doesn't do much to add emotional impact to the story but they all work well together and keep things moving. 

The basic gameplay is largely unchanged from that of previous entries, gunplay is tight and fast, various gadgets and vehicles are employed and the set pieces come thick and fast. It's fast paced and thrilling and the setting of war torn North/South America is actually pretty refreshing. Again you aren't going to find anything amazing here but you will find something that is satisfying, fun and functional. 

The multiplayer suite is, as always, pretty fantastic. There's Squads, a suite of different co-operative modes for those who want more than the intense competitive modes, some new additions such as the App which make life in a clan far easier and you sort of wonder why they didn't think of it sooner. I don't play in clans so it's no use to me, but I appreciate why it's been great for others. Extinction, like Zombies, is great fun and offers a welcome change of pace from the grit and 'realism' of the normal multiplayer and the single player. 

Multiplayer is just as fast paced and fun as always but does feature a fair few changes. It's the character creation that is changed most significantly, you can create ten different characters and customisation is deeper and more free than in any Call of Duty game to have come before. It's deep and personal and is a great step forwards for the series. That being said it is slightly daunting at first and can take a few hours to get used to it. Still, it's worth it when you do. Fortunately the game's balance is near flawless, the guns are well balanced and you can approach the game in almost any way you like without fear of another player having an unfair advantage. 

Also the maps are all rather dynamic, there's nothing as dramatic as the levolution found in Battlefield 4 but the maps do feature areas that change and paths will open/close as these map changes are triggered. It's not a huge change but it does keep the maps fresh for longer, useful if you don't like buying DLC.

The only other significant change is that the maps are generally larger than those found in previous Call of Duty games, it's a small change but it does add emphasis to longer ranged weapons and is something hardcore Call of Duty will undoubtedly notice. 

Graphically it's pretty but not as good looking as other PS4 titles. It definitely looks noticeably better than the PS3/360 versions but really you can tell its a not a true new gen title. 

Like all Call of Duty games before it, Ghosts represents a well rounded package that provides great value for money. If you like military themed FPS games and want a change of pace from Battlefield then I strongly recommend getting this. Call of Duty is built around a great formula and if you want a fast paced shooter then you need look no further. It's not as good as Black Ops 2 (by far the best game in the series, and the only truly great one) but it is much better than the Modern Warfare series and is a great buy.

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