Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Where The Hell Are My Legs?!

First person based games make up quite a large slice of gaming, I'm not just talking about first person shooters, I'm talking about first person games in general. Look down in most first person games and you might notice something: the floor. Nothing. But. The. Floor. 

Oh my God where are my legs!!!?

You probably won't scream that, you might not even think that, I don't know, but the first thing I do in any first person based game is look down to see if I have legs, you can tell a lot about a developer, their attention to detail and what to expect in terms of a games quality by looking to see if you have legs. 

Great games like Battlefield, Killzone: Shadow Fall and Outlast (which features everything below the neck! Go next gen!!!) have characters with legs where more average (but still really good) games like Call of Duty: Ghosts have characters with no legs. 

Fair enough if the game is set in some post apocalyptic hell where man has devolved to have no legs and so has been forced to put hover board technology in their waistline, then no legs is fine, but games don't really have this as their setting so where are the legs? Is it lazy developing? Probably. And I say there's no excuse for it, the person I'm playing as is supposed to have legs so let me see them. 

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