Monday, 17 March 2014

Phil Spencer Has a Sewerage Problem

In his most recent pearl of wisdom, Phil Spencer has said that Microsoft will be honest and open to consumers in terms of the Xbox brand. He admits that they could have handled the reveal of the Xbox One and it's controversial policies better and that they could been more honest about them. 

The Xbox One, as I'm sure you know, was originally going to block used games and require an internet connection. These policies have since been scrapped and it now seems like a promising system, though I myself chose the PS4 as my first of the two purchases. I should point out at this juncture that I still fully intend on buying an Xbox One, I'm not here to bash it, I'm just here to question the ever bewildering  Mr. Spencer and the messaging coming from Mocrosoft.

It seems to me that Microsoft have never been dishonest about any facet of the Xbox One, nor have they ever been anything less than open about its features and the eventual scrapping of most of them. They announced shockingly ignorant policies and then they openly scrapped them, showing that the Xbox One ship had no predetermined course and was simply drifting rudderlessly toward a reluctant second place behind Sony and in front of Nintendo. 

It wasn't that these policies were dishonest, that was, has never been and will likely never be the problem. The problem that it faces is the people behind it clearly do not know what their consumers want. Where Sony is happy to hand gamers a silver platter of everything they could ever desire, Microsoft is happy only to toss occasional scraps over their shoulder as they march ever onwards towards mediocrity. Gone are the glory days of the Xbox 360's lead over the PS3, replaced instead with a look at Sony, far ahead of Spencer and co., in an enlightened state of gaming euphoria. 

Indeed with all of these terrible ideas, with all of this lack of focus and with this towering mass of mixed messaging and baffling interview sound bites, one must wonder how Phil Spencer can see through all the sewerage he so insistently spews from his mouth. 

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