Monday, 3 March 2014

The American Government Needs To Grow Some Balls

Why is the American government too scared to say parents are incompetent?

Why is the American government too  scared to admit mental health services are insufficient?

Why is the American government too scared to penalise retailers for selling Mature rated games to kids? 

The US government has announced it may remove tax credits for developers who make violent games. They worry violent games are corrupting people and making them violent and immoral, mainly kids but also adults. There is little to no evidence that violent games have any effect in behaviour or morality and there is an almost overwhelming amount of evidence that games have no negative effect on kids or adults.

The problem is it's too easy to sell games that are 18 rated to 10 year olds (these games may not affect the kids but still, 18s shouldn't be able to be bought by 10 year olds) and there is virtually nothing in place to stop mentally handicapped people from playing and experiencing things that they are unable to interpret and understand. 

Maybe parents could make more of an effort to judge whether or not their child is, like most healthy, well raised children, able to distinguish between fantasy and reality.

Maybe if guns weren't made readily available to the civilian population there would be less violent crime? Call me a redcoat but a civilised government that allows for normal people to carry guns is not civilised at all. 

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