Saturday, 19 April 2014

My Collecting Goals 2014

I started collecting games by accident. My PS3 died on me in November 2012 and as it was so close to Christmas I couldn't afford a replacement. My friend had a spare Gameboy Colour and, as I had no other spare console, I accepted his offer to borrow it. I hadn't played a Gameboy since I'd owned my Advance and it was an incredibly nostalgic experience, one that made me consider the idea of getting a retro console and, as I was so enjoying a Nintendo system, a Nintendo one would be best. 

Then, in December (on the 9th to be precise) my friend took me to our local second hand game shop and said I had £50 as a Christmas present. So I bought an N64 and Body Harvest. If you've read my review then you'll know I loved body Harvest and it was that that kicked me off with collecting video games. 

Fast forward a year and a few months and I have over 100 games across numerous systems. The problem is, unlike most collectors I know, I've never had a goal in terms of collecting. I've just bought games that I saw without rhyme or reason. Because of this I have a few games for lots of systems but no one part of my collection is particularly large and I'm missing classic games for every system. So I've been thinking over the last couple of months about what I wanted to do and as I've just moved house I've used the opportunity to have a massive cull of games and sort out my priorities. 

In light of this I've decided that, as well as collecting games for my current gen systems (3DS, Wii U and PS4) I'll be focusing on collecting for the Wii, GameCube and N64 as well as a little bit for the PS1. Hopefully by the end of the year my collections for these system will be coming along nicely. 


  1. Do what i do mate then you will have the choice to play the best games on your favourite system.

  2. Good to have a plan hope all goes well

    1. Cheers, hopefully it'll help really improve my collection