Monday, 26 May 2014

Die Hard Trilogy PS1 Review

Die Hard Trilogy, developed by Probe Entertainment and published by Fox Interactive in 1996 for the PlayStation, is one of those rarest of things; a licensed game that works thoughtfully with the subject material to create a fun, thought-out and valuable experience. The game follows the plot of the three films, the first game is a third person shooter that has you working your way through the floors of the Nakatomi Plaza, the second game is a light gun shooter set in and around the airport and the third game is a Driver-esque experience that puts you on a time limit and has you reach certain areas of New York at certain times,

Each game is lengthy, well designed and incredibly fun and the way that the developer thought to make each game a completely different style is simply genius because each game feels like the film it is based around and it means that the experience is varied and fun throughout. The first game begins you in the garage, shoeless and in a vest, with only a pistol and some grenades. You must clear the floor of enemies, rescue any hostages and of course find armour, better guns and explosives before you can progress onto the next level. The draw distance is pretty poor but the layout of each floor is intelligent and the fierce firefights you so often get involved in are great fun. The weapons are varied and do a pretty good job of matching the ones you see in the film. You are scored for kills and rescues so the better you do the more bragging rights you get.

The second game starts you at the entrance of the airport and moves you through on rails until you've cleared each section. The game can be played with a controller but is one of the few light gun games released on the Playststion and using the gun really does add to the experience. The third game is my least favourite of the three but only because I'm not really a fan of driving games. It's designed incredibly well, New York is fairly sparse but this was only the PlayStation so we can cut them some slack. The race against the clock is very intense and really captures the feel you get when watching the film.   

None of the games dazzle on a technical level but their varied and well executed gameplay make them all must play games. There have been dozens of Die Hard games over the years, sadly even a poorly executed sequel to this, but this trilogy here is the game that best captures the films and is one of the finest examples of licensed gaming ever. It's a must have for fans of the Die Hard franchise and I'd even recommend it if you just like good action games. 


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  2. haha some Bruce Willis retro bashing lol awesome, no idea how I managed to overlook this one, I'm a first gen gamer with really weird taste in video games, for example now days I play Cooking game series Papas Games haha, anyway good post, thanks alot :)