Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Iwata Needs to Go

Iwata needs to go. He is bad for Nintendo. Yes he steered them through the DS and Wii era but the DS idea famously came from Yamauchi and the Wii, if you look at the trajectory of Nintendo's sales before and since, is clearly a flash in the pan that Iwata can't be overly credited for. 

But I'm not going to argue my point for the usual reasons, it's not because the Wii U is failing or because the company is losing money blah blah blah.

It's for one painfully outdated, frighteningly naive and utterly ludicrous claim that the man made. The idea that one game can change a console's fortunes. He cites the impact Pokemon had on the Gameboy, the original Gameboy. 20 YEARS AGO. This is a phenomenon that has not happened since. Even the 3DS was saved by a slew of games rather than just one.

This idea has been put forward by Iwata several times and yet every quality game that comes to the Wii U and doesn't make it a hit only goes against what he is suggesting. 

The assertion is ludicrous, outdated and shows that the attitude behind saving the Wii U is greatly flawed. 

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