Monday, 12 May 2014

Knack PS4 Review

Anyone whose a fan of PlayStation gaming likely remembers the 1990s as a time where the company had fantastic mascots like Crash and Spyro and although they've continued this trend in a limited sense with Ratchet, Jak and Sly it's been a long time since this has been a dominant part of their focus. That seems to have changed with the PS4 with Knack being the first game shown and being given it's own bundle. Though the game received mixed reviews upon release it seems to be selling well and if you are one of those people who misses the days of Spyro and Crash then you should definitely give the game a go.

Knack tells the story of a war between humans and goblins. As Goblin technology advances Knack, a being made from prehistoric relics, is sent to deal with them. The story is very family friendly and simple but is well acted and written and enjoyable because of it. The Pixar like art style adds to this sense of family friendliness and gives the game a sense of fun that is crucial in an action-platformer like this. 

The game centres around Knack's ability to absorb or remove relics to grow and shrink. Shrinking enables you to fit into spaces you normally couldn't and growing larger gives you different, more powerful attacks. The environments and enemies are designed with this in mind and it keeps both exploration and combat fresh and exciting. There are aerial attacks and ground attacks and if you string a few hits together you get an awesome looking, and incredibly satisfying, slow-mo attack.  The enemies come in a nice variety of big ones, small ones, ranged ones and melee ones. They aren't even all Goblins, there are plenty of other things you'll fight along your way. 

As well as fighting you'll be doing plenty of platforming and exploration. It's never overly challenging or creative but it is well designed and fun. Also the exploration often rewards you with secret items, you can either take them or view what your fitness found and opt for one of those items. It's a nice touch and is a good way of making the game social outside of its two player co-op. 

Speaking of co-op this would make an excellent game if you were a parent wanting to play with your kid. The co-op game handles brilliantly and the game makes for an excellent  co-op experience. It would even be worth doing one run through by yourself and another run through with someone helping you. 

With it's Pixar like presentation, family friendly gameplay and fun story Knack is a perfect game to lighten up your PS4 collection. It's fun and accessible and harks back to a time when Sony were more than The Last of Us.

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