Sunday, 15 June 2014

Isolani Episode 1 iPhone Review

Isolani is an episodic free to play first person shooter for iPhone and iPad. You are woken up from hyper sleep by an unknown female and find a gun. You then proceed through several corridors fighting flying robot things and learn that the ship's AI is trying to wipe you out. It turns out mankind evacuated earth a long time ago and all life in the universe had flocked to this one star, the last star providing life. The ships had formed a space station and this AI is trying to kill everything and you just so happen to be the one who can stop it. 

The game takes you through numerous corridors blasting robots. Each episode is totally free and each one is broken into numerous chapters. The controls, the stumbling block of countless IOS shooters, are actually really good. There are some FPS games with good controls on IOS, Doom for instance, but normally they handle terribly because aiming and shooting is a nightmare. This game solves that problem by negating the use of a shoot button. You swipe to aim and as your reticule hits an enemy your gun fires automatically. Ammo is infinite so this never leads to ammo waste. Honestly I can't stress how good this setup is and I hope that it catches on. 

Graphically the game is pretty stellar, IOS games are getting pretty good looking now and the textures and animations here are tip top. The soundtrack is a little bit dull but the voice acting is solid. All in all, on a technical level, the game impresses.

The problem is it's just so bloody boring. All you seem to do is go through corridor after corridor shooting robots. There's little need for tactics because health regenerates quickly and ammo is infinite. The game is never challenging and the gameplay is never varied. It's a shame because aside from this the game is good.

If you fancy a corridor shooter with good controls and solid presentation then Isolani might float your boat but you'll have to be willing to slog through a crap-tonne of repetitive firefights, something I'm not willing to do. 

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