Sunday, 13 July 2014

Mobile Games That Prove Their Worth

Mobile and tablet games are generally shunned by your average gamer. They are considered to be of a lesser standard, a standard unworthy of your average console or PC gamer.

Of course that view is utter bollocks.

There are plenty of great games available for phones and tablets, games with depth and great design, games that any hardcore gamer with a smartphone or tablet should try. What I'm presenting here is a list of some of the best of them. 


Doom is the greatest first person shooter of all time, in my opinion it has never been rivalled. The mobile port includes the fourth chapter, supports cheats and works well with a great customisable control scheme. 

The port is totally faithful and it's dirt cheap. An absolute must play for fans of shooters. 

Spiderweb Software Games

Jeff Vogel's Spiderweb Software are quite possibly the single greatest proponent of old school RPGs there is. With awesome stories, old school graphics and gameplay and hours of play time the RPGs this man churns out are unbelievable.  

Command and Conquer Red Alert 3

C&C proves that RTS games can work brilliantly on touch screens. It may not be a perfect example but I honestly feel that's due to EA's shortcomings more than it is limitations of the hardware. I'd love to see the series continue on mobile devices. 

The Infinity Blade Trilogy

These games represent mobile Gaming's triple AAA elite, gorgeous graphics, great gameplay built specifically for touch screens and hours of fun, these games are oft imitated but never matched. They are amazing games and prove irrefutably that AAA games can function on mobile. 

The Marathon Trilogy

Marathon, Bungie's pre Halo FPS trilogy, is incredible. The Mac's answer to Doom is deep, atmospheric and great fun. The controls work great on the touchscreen and the games are free with optional but not essential IAPs. 
Retro shooters work great on touch screens and I'd love to see developers explore this. Oh and how about Marathon 4, Bungie? 

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