Saturday, 6 September 2014

Batman: The Board Game Review

Batman: The Game is a board game released in 1989 to tie in with the film. The game is for 2-6 players aged 12-adult. One player (or team) play as up to 3 Jokers and the others play as up to 3 Batmans (Batmen?), depending on the number of players. Each team starts in a specific place, Batman in Wayne Manor for example and Batman must reach the Batcave whilst the Joker must reach the Axis Chemical Facility. Each place is outside of Gotham City and requires either a Batwing or Joker's Copter to enter and exit. Upon reaching their respective destinations players receive a card giving them a place on the board to reach. The first person to reach their destination and then return to their base wins. 

The game is quick to learn but it's simplicity doesn't make it boring. Certain squares have Bat symbols and give you cards which can grant gadgets, vehicles or combat boosts. Some tell you to go immediately to a certain place. Key people, such as Vicki Vale, are on the map and act as the destinations players must reach. Other squares have Jokers on them and when a player lands on one the other player must move to that square and fight. Both players roll and the highest roll wins. Power cards allow things such as two rolls or add certain numbers to your roll and these must be played at the start of the fight. Fights are also instigated by two players landing on the same square. 

The winner takes a card from their opponent (excluding the destination card which is a secret) and moves the number of squares equal to their winning roll. A player may only have 3 cards including their destination card so extra cards must be placed at the bottom of the card pile. 

The game is fun and can last anywhere from 10 minutes to about half an hour. It is better suited to multiple players however as with only two players it can be too easy for one player to be yanked away from nearing victory to have a fight back in Gotham City. This can potentially (but not always) lead to incredibly long and frustrating moments of play as you desperately try and get another Joker Copter or Batwing.

I found this for a pound at a Carboot sale but I suppose, going by most board game prices, it would cost nearer to £30 if it were released nowadays. I'd say it's worth a buy, it's fun and it's simple enough that even if you don't like Batman you should be able to get into it. 

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