Monday, 15 September 2014

The Dark Knight Trilogy

With the hype train for Batman VS. Superman: Dawn of Justice getting up to speed I've been re-watching other Batman films and thought it'd be a good time to talk about the best of them. 

Namely Nolan's.

Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy was a huge success, putting DC films back on the map and taking the camp out of Batman films. It undeniably changed the face of comic book films. Like all major successes it's got it's fair share of detractors but I'm going to come right out and say it. The Dark Knight trilogy is the greatest set of super hero movies ever made. 

Now before you go bat shit crazy at me let me explain. I know it's full of plot holes, riddled with inconsistencies, overflowing with melodramatic speech and that it has a few 'what the fuck?' moments. It is a million miles from perfect. But the emotional arc that Bruce Wayne/Batman goes through is incredible. The scale of the films, both literally and emotionally is vast. It's ambitious, unique and largely well realised. The design of Gotham, of it's inhabitants, heroes and villains is simply unrivalled. The themes are deep, thoughtfully presented and hugely relatable. The action sequences, be they fist fights or car chases, are some of the genres best and the soundtrack is flawless. This soundtrack is one of my favourites from any film ever. Hans Zimmer is an unrivalled genius if you ask me. 

Are the films perfect? No. Will they be bettered? Yes. And oh God there are better superhero movie plots. But the way these films are presented, the acting quality and the emotional side of the story make these films, in my book, king. The films strive to be more than summer blockbusters. And because of that they are unmatched in their genre.

The Avengers, Man of Steel, X-Men 2, all of these are great superhero films but The Dark Knight trilogy goes deeper, does more and does so with more confidence than any of those films. The Dark Knight trilogy proved how special super hero films could be. It proved they could Oscar worthy and not just box office smashes. 

Now go on, tell me why I'm wrong. 


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  1. Call it hype, marketing, good casting or long lasting DC fans.
    Batman, Superman and others have been around a long time and will be for a long time to come.
    The Dark Knight Trilogy 'good', some may even say excellent.