Monday, 6 October 2014

Play Expo and Time Off

This weekend is Play Expo in Manchester, thousands of gamers will be up there playing retro games, modern games, cosplaying and, of course, shopping for games. 

I'm going up for the whole weekend and it's my first time going to any gaming convention. I hope to pretty much cover everything from seeing previews of upcomjng games to playing retro consoles I've missed out on to checking out the huge amount of board games that will be present. 

I'll also be meeting with some of my YouTube subscribers and meeting people I subscribe to. I'll be taking photos and making notes of any thoughts I have so that the Friday after I can get a post up covering my experience there. 

On top of this trip however I'm also going on a short holiday to the Lake District so after today there won't be a post until my post covering the Expo which will be up on the 17th. 

Hopefully it'll be an awesome time and I'll have plenty to share with you so I'll check back in on the 17th. 

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