Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Pokemon Trading Card Game: Phantom Forces Pre-Release

(There were some technical difficulties with Blogger yesterday so this is going up today instead)

On Saturday the 25th I went to a local retro game shop for the pre-release of the Pokemon X&Y Phantom Forces Expansion. You pay £20, get given 6 boosters and have half an hour to build a 40 card deck. You then play three rounds and the winner won two first edition Pokemon boosters. Second and third (I was third) got another Phantom Forces booster and the boosters were on sale for that day as well. 

At the last one (Furious Fists) I had bad luck and didn't pull a single noteworthy card but at this one I got a full art Malamar EX, a normal Malamar EX, a Mega Gengar EX and a Manetric EX. I swapped the Manetric for. Gengar EX and left the shop with the beginnings of a physchic deck. My initial build features all of those cards and is a combination of Dark, Psychic and Dragon types and seems pretty good for its initial build. 

The Gengar and Malamar are both great cards and the whole expansion seems well thought out. They even have a silver Dialga full art, kind of like the old gold full art Zekroms they used to do. 

It was a great event and I'm looking forward to the full release because the expansion seems like it's going to be a really good one. 

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