Friday, 5 December 2014

Terminator: Genisys Trailer

Lets face it, The Terminator has never made sense. Given enough thought, any time travelling film doesn't make sense. That doesn't mean that Terminator 1 and 2 aren't awesome though. (Sorry I hate 3 and 4 is ok-ish). 

I have been worried about Terminator Genisys because with Kyle Reese, Sarah Connor and John Connor all featuring I couldn't think of how the plot could make sense. Well that's why I'm so excited for Genisys, it tackles that head on. John sends Kyle back but because Kyle changed the timeline and the first and second films happened when Kyle goes back Sarah is a badass and Schwarzenegger's Terminator is helping her. The film sets up its plot by addressing the mind-f*** that is time travel. 

Add to this a whole tonne of fan service - liquid metal enemy Terminator, current Schwarzenegger Terminator VS. 80s Schwarzenegger Terminator and every classic line you can think of and what you're left with is a film that looks full of potential. 

The film is tackling Terminator lore in a way that makes sense, giving fans things that they want and just oozes a sense of these-guys-know-what-they're-doing. A few days ago I joked to a friend that I'm excited for Star Wars, Avengers and Bond next year and that Terminator 5 would actually end up being my favourite film of 2015. Well after seeing this trailer I actually believe that that's a real possibility.