Monday, 15 December 2014

Which is the Best Console: PS4, Xbox One or Wii U?

  • All three of the current generation consoles have been out for a year this month (two years for the Wii U), so I thought it would be a good time to take a look back at each of the consoles and see which of them I'd say is the best of the three and which is the worst. Obviously this opinion won't be final, each console has a long way to go yet but each has also had an interesting first, or first two, years on the market. 

    I'll start with the Xbox One, which is the last of the three that I got. The Xbox One had a disastrous reveal but has since come out fighting with regular updates and tweaks, some good indie and downloadable games and a strong exclusive AAA lineup. Between launch games like Dead Rising 3 and Ryse: Son of Rome and then more recent games like Titanfall, Sunset Overdrive and Halo: Master Chief Collection, Microsoft have definitely outdone Sony in terms of AAA exclusives. Next year looks set to be good too with Halo 5, Quantum Break and Crackdown being of particular interest. Honestly Microsoft have impressed me with their attitude recently and the quality of games. 

    The reason I don't put the Xbox above the PS4 is it just isn't as good a system, the interface is still too Kinect centric and the power can't match that of the PS4, with games consistently running better on that system. 

    The PS4 has had an astounding first year sales wise and exclusives like Killzone and Infamous have really shown what the system can do. The wealth of indie games has also been incredible and some of the PS Plus offerings have been amazing, with Outlast being a particular highlight. There haven't been as many big exclusives for Sony as there have been for Nintendo or Microsoft and some of the exclusives, DriveClub and Little Big Planet 3 for instance, have been broken but it's still been a good year games wise. 

    Honestly though the main reason that the PS4 is such a joy to own is its design. It's intuitive, fast and everything is just well thought out. You can tell Sony has learned a lot from the PS3's launch and every lesson shows with the PS4. With great exclusives both AAA and otherwise and a great design and wealth of power, Sony beat Microsoft for me in the first year. 

    Without a doubt though the best console to own currently is the Wii U. Now you might say that it's had an extra year and that that's unfair but I'd argue it's best moments have been in the last 12 months. Smash Bros., Mario Kart 8, Mario 3D World, Donkey Kong and Bayonetta 2 have all occurred in the lifespan of the PS4 and Xbox One and all of them trounce the exclusives on the other systems. 

    Add to this a refined system that is quicker than ever, a touch screen equipped controller that makes everything easy and allows you to play games without the TV and you have a truly amazing console. No it hasn't shown the full potential of the second screen for gameplay and sure there are far too few games for it in terms of AAA third party stuff but it's downloadable offerings and retail exclusives are untouchable. It's an amazing machine with amazing games and a bright future and is definitely the console to own right now. 

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