Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Arrow is Awesome!

Having recently got back into reading comics I thought it'd be a good idea to listen to the hype and check out Arrow on Netflix.

Arrow is awesome!

It suffers from the occasional cheese slathered moment, overly exagarated segment and, sometimes, down right unbelievable occurence but overall it is incredible. The pacing is simply superb, after the early episodes establish the characters the series hits its rhythm and every episode builds the world and it's events towards a conclusion. When the first season ends it's a neat ending that doesn't require a new season but is also a cliffhanger ending that moves easily into a second season. This is a rare thing for any creation to achieve and it's fantastic when it happens. 

Then the second season turns everything up to 11. This is a show with fantastic writing, great acting and superb action scenes and if you're a fan of superheroes or just good TV then you should definitely watch this. 

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