Friday, 2 January 2015

Games and Their Stories

In most games, games like Metal Gear, Assassin's Creed and the Arkham series, I care about the story. If the story is good then my enjoyment of the game is heightened and if it's bad I criticise it. But then there are games like Far Cry.
Far Cry 3 had an awful story, your character was alarmingly adept at using weapons, hunting and crafting and is remarkably cavalier when it comes to violence. Not to mention his friend's total inability to react in a normal way to what's going on. Then there's the ridiculous and dull final act where the real villain is revealed. Its just appalling. Far Cry 4 is the same, save for a few entertaining twists. Your character suffers from all the same issues as Jason from Far Cry 3. The story is utterly implausible and just laughably bad at times.

But I don't care.

Both games feature an amazing world with outposts to conquer, animals to hunt and so much to explore. They offer sandboxes that few games can rival. Don't get me wrong, I still criticise the games for having poor stories, both in a review context and in conversation with people. Its just that on a personal level I don't care.

Are there games like this for you? Or is a good story a necessity for you?

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