Friday, 18 September 2015

At A Glance: Metal Gear Solid V

Note: I will not be spoiling any details that have not already been shown in trailers and gameplay demos - there are no spoilers here.

Within the opening moments of Metal Gear Solid V you come across a man who is on fire. He has the ability to throw flaming whales at people and his preferred mode of transportation is a flaming unicorn. Absolutely no one within the games' prologue acts as though this is even remotely out of the ordinary.

Don't get me wrong, this game's prologue is an absolute masterclass in how to set up your game but it's absolutely hilarious that all of this occurs without explanation or even any real reaction. Guards recognise the fact that he is basically unstoppable but no one acts as though his presecence is particularly noteworthy.

He is on fire, on a flaming UNICORN.

As an opening statement for a game it tells you you're in for a weird ride.

After this things settle down and you are sent to Afghanistan to rescue Miller in the mission that has been shown at every conference and convention under the sun. Watching someone play it really doesn't do justice to the sense of freedom, the amazing feel and control, the spectacular graphics, believable A.I and awe inspiring feeling of being Big Boss.

The game's opening is mental but it's more fun than any Metal Gear game before it.

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