Saturday, 26 September 2015

Quiet: Metal Gear's Greatest Sniper Fight

The Metal Gear series is full of great snipers and great sniper fights. From Sniper Wolf in the Snow Fields, to The End in Metal Gear Solid 3. Each fight and each character is genre defining and each make for some of the most memorable moments in the series. All of this only adds to my amazement at my realisation that the fight you have when you first meet Quiet in Afghanistan is the most intense, believable and exhilarating sniper fight in the entire series. 

The second you reach the ruins you can tell something big is about to happen. The sunlight glares off of something in the distance, a shot rings out and Snake dives into cover behind a rock. Everyone tells Big Boss to focus on the mission at hand, steer clear of Quiet, she is unusual, too abnormal to take on without preparation, especially when all I had was a bolt action sniper rifle. You sneak from rock to rock, ruin to ruin, finding a vantage point to make a shot. Each time Quiet thinks you are too close, She runs and then vanishes, reappearing at another vantage point and forcing you back into hiding. It's a supernatural game of cat and mouse. 

Where the fight with The End was too long, the fight with Sniper Wolf didn't make you feel like you were fighting a deadly sniper and the fight with Crying Wolf relied too heavily on the nostalgia it evoked, the fight with Quiet gives you total freedom to handle it as you please but makes no bones of the fact that if you make a mistake Quiet can and will gun you down. It perfectly captures the attitude of the game and it's approach to empowering the player to be free, to think and act like Big Boss. 

The fight lasts as long as you need it to, sandstorms can let you sneak up on her, chance moments can see you frantically draw an assault rifle as she sprints past, only to turn and take aim for a last minute kill shot. You can choose your vantage point, high, low, near or far. You don't even have to use a sniper rifle if you don't want to, though my respect for the women's prowess prevents me from unleashing my rocket launcher.  

When the fight ends and you stand over her, pistol in hand, it's hard not to feel a genuine sense of accomplishment and relief. She is beaten and you can her take her back to Mother Base. Sure the mystery of her abilities isn't solved but you beat her, the mysterious sniper who everyone told you to steer clear of and you did it your way. Every facet of Metal Gear Solid V is designed to give you freedom and to make you feel like Big Boss, to feel his strength, his skill and his struggles and the fight with Quiet is one of the finest examples of this. 

The Metal Gear series makes up a large part of my list of favourite boss fights and the fight with Quiet is a worthy addition to that list. 

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