Saturday, 31 October 2015

British Geek Patriotism

Living in Britain and being British can be hard. Hard in terms of feeling good about being British. The existence of groups like Britain First or The English Defence League, the popularity of 'newspapers' like The Sun or The Daily Mail, your government's hesitation over the Syrian Refugee Crisis, sometimes it can all be too much. Sometimes being British can make you feel ashamed.

Being a geek can help fix this.

Recently I have been watching Doctor Who, from Ecclestone onwards - I am currently in the midst of Matt Smith's run. I'm doing it because I'd only ever watched some of Matt Smith's epsidoes before and hadn't really delved into Doctor Who. The point is: I love it, the world loves it. For decades Doctor Who has been a big deal, perhaps never more so than now, and its British.

One of the biggest game franchises in the world, Grand Theft Auto, is British. Not everyone loves it but it's influence has been felt world wide and in more medium than one. Only recently the BBC have had Daniel Radcliffe star in a documentary about it.

Then you look back at gaming's history and sure Nintendo and Atari might be more famous than any British company but Britain contributed to games with systems like the BBC Micro.

You look at films and see a list of big movies that were made in Pinewood Studios.

You look at books and see classic characters like Sherlock Holmes.

You look at Heavy Metal and see iconic bands like Iron Maiden.

My point is: being British is awesome. Sure there are those amongst us who hold despicable views, spread ignorance and hate but most cultures have this element. I think it's a good idea to focus on the positives which in our case, as far as I'm concerned, is our contribution to all things geeky. British geeks are awesome and we should be proud of what our geeks have created.

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