Saturday, 10 October 2015

Splatoon: Aimless, Tactless Nonsense

I have to come clean and say it. I hate Splatoon. Everyone loves it. I hate it. Why can I only pick between a couple of maps at a time? Why can't I choose from a variety of game modes? Why do annoying news reporters keep interupting me? Why can't I talk to team mates to introduce some tactics to the gameplay?

Sure it looks stunning, most Nintendo games for the Wii U look good enough to eat, but the gameplay is worse than meh. If meh was feeling meh about itself it would still be feeling better than me playing Splatoon. What could have been such a sprawling, fast paced, tactical experience is hampered by the fact that Nintendo won't take the training wheels off.

Call of Duty let's you choose from dozens of maps and modes and is accessible for all ages and skills. Why couldn't Splatoon have achieved this? Nintendo should have made a 9/10 multiplayer shooter but instead they made a mediocre demo and refused to take it any further.

Go on now, scream at me.

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