Saturday, 3 October 2015

Tampon Run - Yes It's a Thing!

Modern gaming is just fantastic, from blockbuster games like to Call of Duty to old school RPGs like Avernum 2, to indie success stories like Minecraft, there is room for everything. Also Tampon Run is a thing. 

I heard of Tampon Run and, simply because of its name, I had to download it. Sadly, it isn't a Temple Run style endless runner were you play as a sprinting tampon. What it is is a game where you run endlessly from left to right, jumping to pick up floating packs of tampons. You then throw individual tampons at enemies, some who run and some who fly, and they turn into sanitary towels and float away on the breeze, scoring you points in the meantime. The controls are simple, a jump button and a shoot button, the graphics are pretty basic and 2D, it's pretty pixelated and messy but the visual style works well enough for the game. There is one song which plays on a loop throughout the game, it's an odd mix of old school game music and modern ideas, it's actually pretty cool and miraculously isn't annoying. 

Allegedly the game has a message, before you play it informs you that there is a stigma attached to periods and tampons, a stigma that society buys into and places on the whole issue. This game is allegedly a step towards getting rid of that stigma. Is there a stigma? I've never encountered one, I see periods in the same way I see needing to pee or poo, it's a natural and unavoidable bodily action that is necessary. No I don't want to go and look at it and no I don't think people should talk publicly about how they're in the middle of a particularly heavy flow but likewise if someone is on their period it doesn't matter, it's just a simple reality, no stigma here. 

Anywho, the game is good fun and competing against people for a higher score is cool, I don't really buy into the whole stigma argument and there being a message behind the game but it was free and it is well made and fun so I'd give it a go. It's something to play while your pooing at least. 

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