Saturday, 28 November 2015

My Top Ten Favourite Films

I yak on a heck of a lot about games on here - they are my main interest after all - but as this blog is dedicated to all things geeky, pixelly or just awesome I thought it was time I talked a bit about films.

What better way to start than with a list of my favourites?

I'm not saying these are the best films ever made but they are my favourites, ones I can watch a million times without getting bored.

Aliens - Director's Cut

The director's cut of Aliens is the greatest Sci-Fi film ever made. With the deep theme of a mother's love running through a mix of incredible action and intense scares, no Sci-Fi film can touch it. The marines feel like a real squad, the desolate setting of the colony allows for eerie moments and gut wrenching action. And the script! Almost every line in this film is endlessly quotable and so much of what is done and said in this movie has been replicated a thousand times in films, books, games and more. Truly an amazing film and an absolute must watch for anyone with an interest in film.


Aside from having one of the most awesome theme tunes ever, it's just a great film! Paul Verhoven explores some serious themes - the idea of the American Jesus, America's fixation on technology and the material world, the rise to power of big business and the dehumanisation of police and military forces - whilst also directing some superb set pieces and delivering one of the finest revenge stories in movie history. Also Peter Weller is amazing.

Terminator 2

Building upon everything that made the first one great, introducing us to badass Sarah Connor and featuring one of the finest villains in movie history all at one time? This is proof that, despite Avatar, James Cameron is a Sci-Fi genius.

Rocky IV

"Is it East versus West, or is it man against man? Can any nation stand aloooone!" Possibly the cheesiest 80s action movie ever made - and make no mistake, this is an action movie - the film relies on the same tried and true formula of the previous Rocky films but manages to deliver an entertaining revenge story without taking itself too seriously - assuming the Cold War message is tongue in cheek, surely they didn't actually mean that?

Pulp Fiction

A career high for Tarantino and for each actor involved, this is one of the most expertly scripted, acted, filmed and structured movies of all time.

Austin Powers: Goldmember

"I love goooolllld!" "How about no, you crazy Dutch bastard?!" "Unfortuantely my neck looks like a vagina!" "Moley moley moley moley!" "There are two things I can't stand in this world: people who are intolerant and the Dutch"  "Shazam!" "You aren't even wearing a name tag, why don't you just fall over?"


The greatest horror film ever made, innovative, genre defining and truly terrifying, there is so little wrong with this film it is unbelievable. The chest burster scene alone warrants the spot on this list.

Rocky III

The Eye of the Tiger.

Guyver: Dark Hero

A brilliant soundtrack, phenomal character design, great villain, David Hayter and shocking acting. What more could you want from a movie? This film is kind of terrible but it has so many cool ideas, a badass soundtrack and a superb final showdown. Also the notion of the Guyver units is just cool. If you haven't seen this then watch it, last I checked the whole thing was on YouTube. Why have they not made a third?! I hear David Hayter isn't busy.

Back to the Future

The reason I play guitar, the reason I want a DeLorean and the reason I love Sci-Fi. Back to the Future is a hilrious and endlessly entertaining time travel story that stands the test of time and, across all three films, delivers a gripping story and memorable characters. This film is just fun and it delivers the fun in style.

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  1. Sigourney Weaver was great as Ripley in the Alien films.

    Back to the Future remains very successful, and stands the test of time...