Saturday, 9 January 2016

Does Star Wars: The Force Awakens Deserve an Oscar?

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a really good movie, the best in the series after Empire Strikes Back if you ask me. A lot of people are talking about whether or not it deserves an Oscar.

It doesn't.

(Yoda Voice) Oscar worthy, this is not.
The original trilogy did, it did things that hadn't been done in films and established one of the greatest Sci-Fi universes of all time. All of the movies since then have built on this, some of them have been good, some of them have been bad but none of them are deserving of Oscars. The film series, after the original trilogy, is great as a whole body but the individual films, even the really good ones, are just that: good films. They don’t break any boundaries or do anything truly special.

The acting, effects, directing, soundtrack, script, all of Episode VII is really good, really enjoyable but can it truly be held up to the work of directors/writers like Quentin Tarantino or actors like Leonardo DeCaprio?

Please don’t think I am in anyway disrespecting Star Wars, I love the franchise and I love Episode VII, I can’t wait for all the new films and I want to get into the comics and novels. That doesn’t mean Star Wars is Oscar material.

Sorry Kylo, please don't get stroppy.

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