Saturday, 6 February 2016

James Spader, Will You Marry Me?

Over the last few months I've developed quite the man crush for James Spader. As Ultron, Robert California and Raymond Reddington (a great name to roll Rs on) he has essentially seemed to play himself but has managed to pull it off despite each role being vastly different. 

The things I would do to this man...
In Blacklist he manages to carry the show through its occasional stumbles as it features an overly patronising conversation or plot twist and decides, despite the predominantly edgy ideas of the show, that it's audience is made up of lobotomised shrews. (For the record I love Blacklist, it’s only occasional stumbles that frustrate me)  

The man has a presence, he manages to command the screen and whether he is a good guy or a bad guy he manages to infuse the role with his wry humour and his trademark eccentricity.

I love the way that in Age of Ultron he manages to make every line seem as though he is on the brink of unbridled rage and insanity, the way that as Robert California he is the most incompetent, lazy and frankly disturbing of managers and yet is still likeable. Mostly though I love the way he makes Raymond Reddington seem as though he is equal parts monster, protector, honourable, cold blooded, reckless, genius and psychotic. 

One of the best shows on TV.
The man is a powerhouse at the moment, going from strength both in terms of his career and acting. He plays the same character but moulds it perfectly to each role. I absolutely love him and I totally would.

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