Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Mission Impossible 2 is Awesome

I'm not a massive Tom Cruise fan, Rain Man was great, Mission Impossible 2 is great but, to be honest, he seems kind of weird, a little uptight and doesn't seem to be the best of actors. He can't even motivate me to watch the other Mission Impossible films, despite my love of the second one.

That's what this is about: my love of Mission Impossible 2. Directed by John Woo and of course starring Tom Cruise it tells the tale of a bunch of bad guys with a really nasty virus and Tom Cruise stopping them. There's a crew of good guys, the psycho bad guy and his suffering henchmen, a love interest, a car/bike chase and the excellent main theme. It ticks all the boxes of an action blockbuster but with John Woo's signature direction and knack for incredible action sequences this movie is elevated above the action blockbuster pile of genericness (official title)  

Badass bike chase ensues..
The gunplay, hand to hand combat, opening mountain climbing sequence, climactic car chase and waterfront fist fight. This film is tasty, watching it is awesome. John Woo may just be the finest action director alive. (Sorry James Cameron but Aliens was a long time ago now).

The best part of the film though is when Dougray Scott realises Tom Cruise has worn a mask and manipulated his voice (this tech stuff makes no sense!) to make himself look like his right hand man and that the beaten and broken Tom Cruise is actually the right hand man. It’s a nonsense twist that only the mastermind behind Face/Off could pull off and as realisation and the theme tune kick in the movie jumps up a gear to deliver one of the greatest climaxes in action history.

If you haven't watched Mission Impossible 2 before then go and watch it. If you've watched them all and think I'm mad for not trying them then shout at me in the comments. In the meantime I need to see if Face/Off is on Netflix.

You've got to love Face/Off.

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