Saturday, 13 February 2016

My Top Five Video Game Weapons

Most video games are pretty violent. I'm not a believer that they create much in the way of real life violence don't worry. The point is where there is violence there are weapons and video games are full of incredible weapons. I've been thinking recently about what weapons I'd choose from games to equip myself with some sort of uber arsenal and it got me thinking: I should do a Top 5 Favourite Video Game Weapons List. 

"Guns, guns, guns!"
Socom W/Suppressor - Metal Gear Solid

I still remember the first time I found this in the back of the truck at the heliport. All of a sudden the guards didn't seem so menacing. I went on a shooting spree, sounded the alarm with the first shot and was torn to shreds by Famas fire seconds later. Then you find the suppressor in the room off the ground floor of the tank hangar and everything changes. Suddenly you're a silent killer, an unstoppable force lurking in the shadows, able to rack up a body count in the hundreds without anyone suspecting a thing. Massacre has never been this easy.

Smoke Grenades - Conflict: Global Storm

In a tight spot? Surrounded by enemies? Sniper got you pinned? Teammate bleeding out in the open? Nothing a smoke grenade can't solve. The smoke grenades in this game are ridiculous. Throw one and no one can see anything. Pop your thermal goggles on and you can mow down the enemy unseen, slip past pretty much anything and rescue teammates no matter where they are. Not so much a smoke grenade as it is an ultimate blinding machine.

Onikage's Fists - Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven

Onikage is bloody superb. He is a brutal hand to hand fighter and the boss fights with him are ludicrously enjoyable. What's better though is that in Wrath of Heaven it's possible to experience his awesome power first hand by playing as him in multiplayer. His fists are lightning fast and hit like cannonballs. He is basically a ninja Ivan Drago.

Metal Gear Rex - Metal Gear Solid 4

Though only brief the fight in which you pilot Rex against Ray proves that, aside from just looking and sounding way cooler, Rex is also the ultimate bipedal weapon when compared to Ray. He has a laser gun for a penis for God's sake!

Silver Ballers - Hitman: Blood Money

The ultimate tool of assassination throughout the Hitman series - I just chose Blood Money because it is the series' high point - these two pistols are the deadliest duo in gaming. Be it for stealthy head shots or raging bloodbaths, these two won't let you down.

A sexy beast. 

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