Wednesday, 3 February 2016

The Importance of Music

My main focus in terms of a game's quality is its gameplay. There are exceptions, such as Metal Gear, where it's the story and cutsceenes but, and call me crazy, the most important thing in a game is the gameplay.

That said I don't think enough attention is paid to a game's soundtrack. One of my most vivid gaming memories is the Warthog run at the end of Halo 3. (Spoilers for those residing in a dark and cavernous space for the last decade.) It's fun to play and looks great but truthfully it's the soundtrack that, for me, makes it one of video gaming's great moments. 

One of the finest moments in gaming.
And, on a side note, it's because Marty O'Donnel no longer does the music for Halo that, no matter how fun Halo 4,5 and onwards may be they will never be as good in my eyes. The superb and rousing song played throughout this section is one of the finest compositions I have ever heard.

Thinking about it this doesn't even apply to just games. Remember the amazing music that plays at the end of Aliens as they fly away from the exploding planet? What an amazingly tense moment that is, all because of the score! And what about Twleve Years a Slave? The thunderous, droning blasts hammer home the despair of the situation the characters are in. 

My love for this film is somewhat intense. 
And who could forget about my sweet, beloved Metal Gear Solid? As both a child and an adult I have spent a frightening amount of hours playing through that game humming it’s every note. Dun nuh dun nuh!

How do you convey melody in words? - that's a rather poetic sounding sentence!

My point is music matters, music can make a good moment a great one whether it be in a game, a film or a TV show. People, myself included, really need to pay more attention to music.

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  1. Agreed.
    Music does matter, no matter what media.