Saturday, 12 March 2016

Alien Trilogy Review

In my opinion the 1990s represent the high watermark for the First Person Shooter and Alien Trilogy on the PS1 is a cornerstone of this opinion. Drawing it’s inspiration loosely – I cannot stress loosely enough! – from the first three movies of the franchise the game sees you play as Ripley and fight through the colony, prison and Alien ship, taking on Xenomorphs, ace huggers and even Queens. The game plays like a classic 90s shooter, think no aiming up and down and a heck of a lot of strafing.

There's a wonderful charm to 90's FPS games. 

You progress through each level fighting off hordes of enemies and trying to survive. There are some awesome touches, like the fact that face huggers will crawl up the screen if they latch onto you. The levels are tight and claustrophobic, much like the settings from the films and the enemies come thick and fast. The action is fast paced and intense and it does a great job of recreating the intensity of the movies. Oh and, don’t worry, walking over Alien blood will hurt you because, you know, acid for blood – and generally otherwise unpleasant!

You use a variety of weapons including seismic charges, a 9mm handgun, a shotgun (for close encounters) and, of course, the legendary Pulse Rifle. The sound effects are pretty darn good and I love that your radar is the tracker from Aliens, complete with an accurate sound sample. Sadly the sounds in the cut scenes, the voice acting (if you can call it that) are not handled with so much care though I suppose the cut scenes only really serve to loosely tie together the awesome levels, the game’s story really is nonsense and is unimportant in terms of enjoying the game.

A handgun probably isn't the best weapon. 
There are over two dozen levels so the game is pretty lengthy, it’s a shame there’s no multiplayer – a survival mode style co-op option would have been amazing but to be honest with the sheer number of levels and how fun they are it’s hard to feel too bothered by this.

It may not be Doom but by God this game is an amazing First Person Shooter, fast, violent and insanely fun from start to finish. You can tell that, story aside, this game was made with love and care and a healthy respect for Aliens – intensity was clearly the core focus here and if you want an intense and fun FPS then you need look no further. Another PS1 must have.

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