Wednesday, 23 March 2016

My Journey Into Horror

Horror is a genre I’ve never had much exposure to. I’ve seen Alien and the Hannibal trilogy, Dead Silence and that’s about it. My parents, brothers, friends and my girlfriend – none of them have been or are particularly interested in horror so I’ve pretty much lived my life up until now bypassing it.

This became kind of an issue when I realised the book I’m writing needs to be scary and graphic. So, like any sane man, I bought some books: The Shining, A Lovecraft Collection and The Loney, fired up US and UK Netflix, dug around on YouTube and got to work reading and watching anything that was described as horror.  I have to say I’m rather enjoying myself so far

I started by reading The Shining, I’m half way through the sixth chapter and am loving it so far and film wise I’ve gone for a bit of a mix. I’ve watched Wolf Creek and Wolf Creek 2 and have fallen head over heels in love with Mick Taylor. I love great villains and find Australian accents hilarious so he is perfect! I watched Hellraiser because, well, because Hellraiser and I’m glad to say I totally get the hype.

Acupuncture anyone?

I’ve also watched The Babadook, which I really enjoyed, it’s scary but it also manages to tell a really interesting story about a single mother and her troubled son. I took a look at the original version of I Spit on Your Grave, not a film I approve of, it’s just unnecessary, horrific for all the wrong reasons, if you possess even an ounce of respect for women I’d avoid it like the plague. If you’re going to be violent for the sake of it at least make it entertaining.

I’ve got a list on my phone of all the films, new and old, classic and cult classic that I want to watch, there are some games I want to play and plenty more books to be read. So far I’m enjoying it, it seems like a varied genre that can give quite a lot creative freedom if handled right. I see it almost as the Heavy Metal of film and literature and look forward to more. If there any suggestions I’d gladly take them, particularly for games on PS1 or Mac – film wise I’m pretty much covered I think.

An awful, vulgar, crass and offensive waste of film. 

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