Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Ronin Blade Review

Ronin Blade promises to be a Japanese themed Slash ‘em Up where you play as either a Ronin or a Ninja. Upon arrival in town you are attacked by overly aggressive guards and quickly discover something strange is going on, you proceed through the game fighting foes and bosses, it's kind of like an action based Tenchu. That might sound great but, sadly, it's not.

The first thing that sets off alarm bells is the game’s presentation. The game is not voice acted and the speech is text based but it scrolls along the screen at a stunted and often juddering pace, this means conversations between characters, which is how the story is delivered, are reduced to being unenjoyable chores. Also the script is fairly unengaging which makes relating to the characters and caring about the story quite a challenge. On top of this It’s pre rendered backgrounds look murky, character models are blocky even for early 3D gaming and their animations are cumbersome and repetitive.

It's worse than it looks, 
The worst culprit is the gameplay. Attacking and defending is slow and clunky and there is a distinct lack of variety in the combat. Moving is like someone took the tank controls from Resident Evil, dumped them in cement, resurrected Mammoths, killed the mammoths, chained the corpses to your player, nailed your characters’ feet to the floor and then paralysed them. The worst parts are the boss fights. The first one can be beaten, with no damage taken, simply by standing in a corner, holding block and attacking regularly, mashing square. Thrilling.

Sadly the game is kind of a joke, with poor graphics and presentation, appalling gameplay and an unengaging story with blank slate characters. Avoid it like the plague, unless you see me selling it at a carboot over the summer, in which case buy it, it’s a bargain!

And it looks pretty bad. 

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