Wednesday, 20 April 2016

9th Dawn 2

9th Dawn, the idiosyncratic, 90s inspired RPG is one of the best games available on mobile devices. 9th Dawn 2 improves on it in every way.

Mechanically speaking it is much deeper and more refined. Dungeons now involve puzzles as well as combat, with switches to flick, moving platforms to jump between and gates to open. It's good to have more variety and flexibility in terms of the gameplay experience. With this in mind the UI and leveling systems have been vastly improved. Managing your inventory, levelling your character and accessing the game's basic settings is much simpler this time around. 

The world feels better too, the design of it, the locations, the spacing between towns and dungeons. The design feels much sharper, like Valorware had more confidence when developing this than they did the first one.

Graphically speaking the game has seen a big upgrade as well, it's still a 90s RPG through and through but the world, items, characters and enemies are all much more detailed. What’s great is that equipping different outfits and weapons has a visual impact now as well as just a statistical one. A small victory but a victory nonetheless 

The story and quests fit right in with the game’s traditional fantasy feel, you'll clear dungeons, free towns from Goblins and go in search of lost items. Just like with the first game though the real fun comes from simply roaming the land and finding your own adventure.

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